Monday evening my husband and I walked the creek path behind our house like we have been doing most evening this summer. I chose to not wear real shoes thinking I would walk some of the path barefoot to get some “grounding” time in. We were nearly home when a dog ran out of a house barking and heading right towards me. I panicked and jumped while also considering kicking the dog. This combination landed me with broken ankle and a sprain at the same time. There was no dog bite.

I knew right away that we needed to go to urgent care. I heard a pop and the top of my foot was bleeding from scraping in on the sidewalk. I could tell by the scrape how bad I had rolled my foot. My husband went to get the car while I sat there crying on the floor. The owners of the dog were very apologetic and had an extra ice pack and some crutches. I was pretty upset with them because I was seeing all of the things I love to do with my body vanishing.

Once at urgent care they took ex-rays and told me I would most likely need surgery. I continued to cry and freak out. They gave me a shot in the butt to help with the swelling while we waited for the results of the ex-rays to come back. The results were a lateral malleolus fracture. They decided to splint me and make a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.

So, I went home and took all the drugs they prescribed me! I usually stay away from all painkillers but I was pretty miserable. I just wanted to sleep so the wheels inside my head could stop spinning for a few hours. I did not get much sleep. Even with the painkillers I was waking up every 2-3 hours to check the clock to see if I could take more drugs. Plus there was the big, heavy and inconvenient splint. This is how time passed for the next 30 hours or so until my follow up appointment. Painkillers every few hours while watching Netflix and trying to not freak out about work. I added some marijuana on Tuesday morning to help me relax.

Then came my follow up appointment! I got the splint off and it was all good news from there. It turned out that because of the way the 4 nurses put the splint on my foot it was cutting off circulation to part of my foot. The part of my heal that was hurting for the last 30 hours wasn’t even the part I broke! Some light therapy will help me get over that one. So, no surgery needed and they sent me home with a new boot and a schedule to start exercises after a few days.

Now I would like to talk about what I did for myself during this time. I am not a doctor and I am not even 100% sure it helped but I truly think it did.

I drank at least 16oz. of bone broth Monday-Sunday. I also added two tablespoons of Great Lakes Collagen powder to my herbal coffee every morning. I did not drink caffeine because I didn’t think it would be too fun sitting on the couch revved up with no where to go.

I also upped my vitamin C by taking Paleovalley’s Essential C complex twice a day. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that has been shown to help with fracture healing. I also thought it could help keep me regular while taking those scary painkillers.

I also started to take more magnesium than usual. I use Natural Calm that I buy from Thrive Market because it is a price that cannot be beat! I will typically drink a little before bed but this week I drank a bit more than usual. I know that magnesium and vitamin D can help keep bones strong so I figure maybe those same nutrients can help bones heal faster. Plus the calming effect of magnesium is pretty wonderful if you are stressing about work and can’t sleep.

Calming herbs were also my friend this week. I typically drink nettle and raspberry leaf tea that has been steeped overnight. This week I added some oatstraw and licorice to help me stay calm. I also made passionflower tea with a little bit of skullcap to drink before bed. This is because I know how important real sleep can be for an injured body. I don’t sit still very well so I always try to make sure I at least get 8 hours of sleep.

I also supplemented with some liver supporting drugs starting on Wednesday. I took Vicodin and Ibuprofen from Monday night to Wednesday at 11 am and I know how hard that is on the liver! I have also heard that taking these drugs can slow down the healing process. So as soon as I didn’t absolutely need them I started to support my liver in hopes of getting it back to pre-break health.

Healing a Broken Bone
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