Hello, let’s get a little personal. I like to talk about the things that most people don’t find “dinner table appropriate” like pooping or losing a toenail. I also like to talk about women’s cycles. I love asking my friends how their moods are leading up to their cycle or how much they bleed. Do they get diarrhea or constipated before their cycle? Do they gain 5 pounds and crave chocolate? Do they want to have sex or just sleep all day?

I feel like these conversations don’t happen enough. But just like pooping (everybody does it), all women have some sort of cycle. We either have painful periods or periods that sneak up on us. We are also usually either on or off of birth control. This is a whole other topic I love to talk about!

Today I want to bring up how we deal with the actual bleeding part. I remember my very first bleed. It was the first day of school in 7th grade and I hadn’t even had “the talk” or sex education yet. I did, however, have an older sister. I remember not being afraid or in pain but I do remember being grossed out by the idea of using a pad and pretty much sitting in my own sweat and blood all day. My sister hadn’t started using tampons yet but I was ready!

(A little side note: I had a very heavy period from the beginning, I am now thinking that I either had a thyroid issue or estrogen dominance. I bled a lot and for a long time. I bled for about 30 days before I finally went to my doctor. He, of course, recommended birth control. I remember my mom trying to explain why I shouldn’t tell my friends that I was on the pill because they might think it was because I was sexually active. Anyway, my period continued to be heavy and I would use 2 extra absorbent tampons to get through the morning. Then I learned I needed a pad to avoid embarrassing leaks.)

So here I am today, no birth control, no serious period problems (in my personal opinion) and I have been using the diva cup (the same one) for almost 5 years and I am ready to spread the word!

What is the diva cup? It is a silicone cup that is inserted in the vagina to catch menstrual bleeding. Pretty much like a tampon but way more amazing. Here are just a few reasons:

  1. You can poop with it in and you don’t have to change it!
  2. You can go swimming with it in and you don’t have to change it!
  3. You only have to buy it once and you save a bunch of money from not having to buy tampons over and over again.
  4. It can hold more blood than most tampons.
  5. It is better for the environment – no plastic applicators or boxes or cotton or bleach used.
  6. It is chemical free!

The last 2 are two of my favorite topics. I don’t think a lot of teenage girls are aware of how much waste their period can cause. I also don’t think they are aware of how toxic our world can be. I was a typical teenager interested in going vegan to save the planet but also going to bath and body works to buy smelly glittery lotions. I had no idea that what I put on my body (or in my vagina) could have an impact on my hormones or my health. They don’t cover that in any sex ed classes, do they?

So I hope I can encourage at least one more person to use the diva cup or any other style or menstrual cup and I can sleep better knowing that that much less plastic is entering our oceans and that fewer chemicals are entering another women’s body. I plan on coming back and updating this post with a list of chemicals used in most feminine hygeine products to give you all a better understanding of the importance of using a menstrual cup. But come on, you can poop with it in and you don’t need to change it! Is that not enough to convince you?!

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