Collagen, what is it and why do I absolutely love it?

Collagen can help build muscle

Collagen can help heal the gut

Collagen can help keep skin looking young

Collagen can also make hair and nails stronger

Collagen is easy to use and don’t taste like anything. You can blend it into your coffee, yogurt, smoothies, tea, oatmeal or juice. 

My personal favorite ways to use this product is by adding some to my morning coffee or evening tea and by sneaking in more protein into the kiddos oatmeal. Friends with kids will also add it to their juice and the kids have no idea. 

Why did I decide to add this product into my life? 

Because I workout, drink alcohol and get stressed. Because I workout this product will deliver more amino acids to my muscles while also providing elasticity to my joints. Because I drink alcohol and get stressed this product will help keep my gut lining healthy and prevent “leaky gut.” An added bonus is my skin looking fresh and my nails growing like crazy! 

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Collagen Peptides
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