“Try adding 2 carrots a day.”

This is something I hear myself saying almost daily! Its a simple, non invasive way to boost almost anyones health while also being inexpensive and easy. Just about anyone can access carrots year round and they are pretty portable.

Why do I suggest this so often?

Its pretty much all about the poop. Most of my clients find their way to me because they are on a weight loss journey of some sort. This eventually turns into working with blood work to see where their hormones are. Because most women who are struggling with hormone imbalance are estrogen dominant we eventually start talking about ways to rid the body of excess estrogen. This is where we might start talking about poop.

“How often do you poop and what is the texture and color?”

If the answer is less than once a day and if the texture doesn’t remind them of a banana then we know where to start.

Pooping or elimination is a form of detox. Detox diets are pretty much everywhere right now and most people forget that our bodies were designed to detox DAILY, not just once a year or once a month. We should be eliminating at least once a day while also sweating ideally once a day.

To me this sounds normal, but the more people I meet and the more and more I discuss elimination with people, I have found that it is not the norm.

Back to the carrots.

Carrots have fiber, 1 cup of raw carrots contains 3.3g of total fiber with 1.6g of insoluble and 1.7g of soluble while only containing about 50 calories. The blend of soluble and insoluble fiber is what makes them perfect to assist in elimination.

Soluble Fiber: Soluble in water and form a smooth gel or thickened network. Soluble fibers can delay gastric emptying and increase satiety.

Insoluble Fiber: Insoluble in water, but can swell and absorb up to 20 times their weight in water.

In the United States the average adult fiber intake is below 10g per day! Worldwide the average fiber intake is 50-75g.

While the National Cancer Institute recommends 25-30g a day the holistic health community suggest 75-100g may be beneficial.

 I will add more on this later or we can discuss it in person. In the meantime, try adding more fiber.
Other forms of fiber:
Avocado – 10.1g/cup
Berries – 8g/cup
Coconut – 7.2g/cup
Acorn Squash – 9g/cup
Brussels Sprouts – 4g/cup
Lentils – 15.6g/cup
Nuts – 11.6g/cup
And before I leave here are just a few more reasons we need fiber:
  • control body weight
  • control and possibly prevent hypertension
  • help balance cholesterol levels in blood
  • regulate bowel movements and prevent hemorrhoids
  • regulate blood sugar
  • regulate your body’s satiation signals, which let you know when you’re full
  • lower risk of colon cancer
  • lower risk of breast cancer
  • lower risk of diabetes
  • require more chewing, which slows down your meals and aids digestion

Happy Pooping 🙂

2 Carrots a Day

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